We offer strategic consulting and training services in relation to the following BBBEE elements:
  1. Ownership (including Employee Share Scheme Facilitation).
  2. Management Control (including Employment Equity.
  3. Skills Development.
  4. Enterprise and Supplier Development (including Preferential Procurement).
  5. Socio-Economic Development.
In addition to the above, we offer:
  • Verification Preparation.
  • Compliance Assessment.
  • Risk Assessments.


EDS has conducted more than 60 community needs and opportunities assessments throughout South Africa. We provide the following services to our Clients:
  1. Identification of beneficiary communities.
  2. Identification of key local community Stakeholders and interested or affected parties.
  3. Literacy and skills levels identification within the communities.
  4. Identification of trustees, trustee training and Trust management advisory services.
We also conduct:
  • Broad-based industry and entrepreneurial analysis.
  • Identification of risks and challenges which may impact the clients’ project.
  • Submission of Community Needs and Opportunity Assessment reports.


EDS views economic development as a holistic approach to transformation and uses all the elements of BBBEE together with the Employment Equity Act and Skills Development Act. With the National Development Plan (NDP) in mind, we facilitate and promote the following elements:  
  1. Strategic Advisory services.
  2. Project alignment to ED requirements for compliance and competitiveness.
  3. Localisation and Preferential procurement strategy and calculations.
  4. The implementation, monitoring and reporting of ED deliverables.
  5. Coaching, Mentoring and Training programmes.


Based on our experience EDS has customised Enterprise development programmes which are implemented. The programme is selected based on the community / beneficiary dynamic as well the Clients specific requirements. An example of our broad based ED rollout programme includes inviting all the community members to a large scale gathering where each individual is given a chance to explore their entrepreneurial idea. Through this engagement, a filter process is applied where entrepreneurs are selected at different levels and are then mentored, coached and trained. Furthermore, their growth needs are also taken into account where sponsorship of work related equipment, support services etc are provided. The above process is monitored closely and also includes measurement tools and success indicators.


EDS ensures the risk assessment and sustainability of all the projects that we implement. The selected projects are based on the specific needs of the beneficiaries and are aligned to the Clients overall corporate strategy and project budgets. The relevant stakeholders for each project are also identified and incorporated into the project engagement process. Our services also include:  
  1. Project plan development and implementation.
  2. Evidence collection, monitoring and reporting.
  3. Inclusion of Measurement tools and success indicators.
  4. If necessary, a local EDS project office is established.


In line with the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act, EDS offers services to the Mining Sector to develop and implement Social and Labour Plans required to obtain and/or maintain their mining license. Our service extends itself to:
  1. Stakeholder Engagement.
  2. Community Participation and Facilitation.
  3. Community Needs Assessments.
  4. Project Management services.
Programme implementation, including Socio-Economic Development Programmes:
  • Skills Development and Transfer.
  • Supplier Development.
  • Localness Integration.


Stakeholder Engagement facilitates the link between businesses and the communities in which they operate. EDS acknowledges that each community is unique and takes every measure to observe all community/cultural related protocols. Our services include:  
  1. Identification of Stakeholders
  2. Media facilitation services (in accordance with the community’s needs).
  3. Project Management and Implementation.
  4. Financial Management services.
  5. Report development.


EDS offers services to companies in the Renewable Energy (RE) sector for both large and small scale projects, as well as other industries which require Economic Development, Supplier Development, Skills Development plans etc. inputs into the tender submission. These services include but are not limited to:  
  1. Strategic consulting services regarding project ownership structures.
  2. ED plan development and Assessment of the ED scorecards.
  3. Socio-economic and Enterprise Development plans and programme development.
  4. Conducting Community Needs and opportunities Assessments.
  5. Developing Community Needs Assessment. Economic Development reports.
  6. Supplier development and related strategic planning.
  7. Localisation and Preferential procurement calculations.
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