Our passion is to enable transformation across all levels from the community to the boardroom.

EDS envision to be the partner of choice in enabling economic growth through the provision of sustainable transformation solutions in Southern Africa. We strive to consistently provide a highly-effective, holistic and broad-based strategic service offering to all stakeholders. We care about the future of our country

EDS offers a unique combination of economic development services designed to provide customised solutions to the Renewable Energy, Mining, Government and Corporate Sectors. Our experience within B-BBEE consulting, organisational transformation, economic development and strategic facilitation, enables EDS to provide a personalised solution to our clients.

EDS is a Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor

60% Black-Women Owned and
a 100% Black Owned Entity


Our experience and field of expertise are the following:

• Renewable Energy
• Organizational Transformation
• Corporate Sectors
• Government
• B-BBEE Consulting
• Mining
• Economic Development
• Strategic Development

EDS is a majority black woman owned and wholly black owned entity.
We are currently a Level 1 Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) B-BBEE compliant entity.


Black Owned Entity


Black Women Owned


100% South African Owned