Economic Development Solutions

Economic Development Solutions (Pty) Ltd primarily specialises in Economic Development (ED) compliance reporting, particularly in relation to industries such as construction, large scale renewable energy projects and mining (termed Social and Labour Plans for the mining industry). We further focus on programme implementation management, including monitoring and reporting, assessments and stakeholder engagement for both socio-economic and enterprise development programmes, particularly within rural areas.


100% Black Owned Entity


We offer Strategic Consulting and Training Services in relation to the following B-BBEE Elements:

• Ownership (including Employee Share Scheme Facilitation)
• Management Control (including Employment Equity)
• Skills Development
• Enterprise and Supplier Development (including Preferential Procurement)
• Socio-Economic Development


Opportunities Assessments throughout South Africa

EDS has conducted more than 60 community needs and opportunities assessments throughout South Africa. We provide the following services to our Clients:

• Identification of Beneficiary Communities
• Identification of Key Local Community Stakeholders and interested or affected parties
• Literacy and Skills Levels identification within the Communities
• Socio Economic Study
• Local Community and Demographic Research


Customised Mentorship and Training

EDS customises enterprises and supplier development programmes in order to implement interventions that are best suited to the client and beneficiaries. Our implementation technology includes baseline assessments, monitoring and evaluation, measurement tools and success indicator reporting in line with return on investments.


Risk Assessment and Sustainability

EDS ensures the risk assessment and sustainability of all the projects that we implement. The selected projects are based on the specific needs of the beneficiaries and are aligned to the Clients overall corporate strategy and project budgets. The relevant stakeholders for each project are also identified and incorporated into the project engagement process.

Our services also include:
• Project plan development and implementation
• Monitoring, evaluation and reporting


Development and Implementation

In line with the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act, EDS offers services to the Mining Sector to develop and implement Social and Labour Plans required to obtain and/or maintain their mining license.

Our service extends itself to:
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Community Participation and Facilitation
• Community Needs Assessments
• Project Management services
• Compliance, Reporting and Implementation Management


Facilitating the Link

Stakeholder Engagement facilitates the link between businesses and the communities in which they operate.
EDS acknowledges that each community is unique and takes every measure to observe all community and culture related protocols.

Our services include:
• Identification of Stakeholders
• Public Meetings
• Bulk SMS/WhatsApp messaging services